As the UN marks its 75th anniversary, this virtual dialogue and event series will highlight the knowledge, experience and learnings from five communities on the frontlines of peacebuilding efforts.
Talking Peace complements DPPA’s exhibition ‘The Work of Peace’, which is celebrating the UN’s work in conflict prevention, peacemaking and peacebuilding in its 75 years of existence, also looking ahead at what the future may hold for this work.


Over the past 5 years, Shared_Studios has powered thousands of conversations with guests ranging from diplomats and former presidents to artists, creatives and changemakers. For Talking Peace, we have harnessed our global network of community curators to identify and invite participants who are doing meaningful, creative and impactful work as it relates to peace. We interviewed and spoke with local community organizers and change-makers from each country, and consulted with DPPA offices and the UN on the ground to design insightful conversations across the five distinct cultural, historical and political contexts. Through themes ranging from climate, technology, arts, and climate activism to how physical spaces can create more peaceful environments, each conversation will:
  • Challenge traditional ways of peacebuilding and peacemaking
  • Give voice to niche and under-represented perspectives on existing narratives
  • Inspire participants to think of their work from new angles
  • Create networks between participants working at local levels in their respective fields
We are bringing together people from Afghanistan, Bolivia, Iraq and Rwanda who may otherwise not have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences. We are working to ensure a seamless virtual experience that is comfortable, curated, and unhindered by technological mishaps.
Opportunities to engage with the UN through creative and innovative conversation triggers are provided at two virtual ‘tent pole’ events which seek to be speculative and futures-leaning.
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The Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) plays a central role in United Nations efforts to prevent deadly conflict and build sustainable peace around the world. DPPA monitors and assesses global political developments with an eye to detecting potential crises and devising effective responses. The Department provides support to the Secretary-General and his envoys in their peace initiatives, as well as to UN special political missions around the world.  

DPPA is also an agile platform for crisis response, able, with the assent of countries concerned, of rapidly deploying mediators and other peacemaking expertise worldwide and cooperating closely with regional organizations on the frontlines of conflicts.


Shared_Studios exists to create meaningful human connections between people separated by distance and difference. We design transformative conversations that help people thrive in an interconnected world by opening minds, building unlikely connections and inspiring action.


What is the motivation for this conversation series?
On the occasion of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the UN and the exhibition ‘The Work of Peace’ that explores the Organization’s work to prevent and resolve conflict and extend peace around the world, DPPA is partnering with Shared Studios to design innovative community-centred discussions around conflict prevention, peacemaking and peacebuilding. These curated conversations, led by Shared Studios, aim to connect communities through the power of dialogue and technology as complementary celebrations of the UN’s ‘The Work of Peace’. Acknowledging that work to prevent conflicts and build peace involves local initiatives, Talking Peace bridges new and creative ways for communities who otherwise may not have the platform to be heard.

Talking peace events

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