October 22, 2020

Using AR peace posters to spark a dialogue of the future of peace

October 22, 2020

Using AR peace posters to spark a dialogue of the future of peace

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In celebration of the United Nations’ 75th anniversary this year, the UNDPPA and Artivive launched a call for artists to use augmented reality technology to create posters about peacemaking and peacebuilding. Artists were invited to interpret and present their own vision of what peace means, guided by the themes of Futuring Peace, Bringing together those who have been fighting and Creating a bridge across peoples in conflict zones. After receiving more than 200 entries from 40 countries, ten art pieces were selected. A selection of these ten were used to spark a conversation among UN leaders, community members from Afghanistan, Bolivia, Iraq, and Rwanda, as well as the artists themselves on how these art pieces reflect peacebuilding in communities around the world.

Explore the AR Peace Posters

Please follow these directions to access the winning peace posters:

  1. Install the ArtiVive app on your smartphone or tablet
    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/artivive/id1188737494
    Android: ttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.artivive
  2. Open the ArtiVive app
  3. Scan the following images here with the app and watch them come to life! (4, 8, 10, 11)

Oxygenate Peace by Claire Luxton

Country: UK
Link: claireluxtonart.com/
Description by the artist:
Under the them of "Futuring Peace", I want to explore the duality between the future conservation and growth of peace and the increasing need to nurture and protect out planet ecosystems. We often tiptoe on a fine line between creation and destruction, life and death. I think it’s more important than ever to simultaneous work on peace-building and greener environmental structures to support and sustain generations to come. Invisible pollution has become entwined with us and nature and pollution grow each year with increased demand and technology use. Our environment is a delicate equilibrium and as we continue to ‘borrow’ from our environment what is left in its place. As a contemporary female artist, I work hard to challenge perceptions and build a conversation between forgotten parts of ourselves and the perpetual rhythm and anxiety that is often found within today’s society. I want ‘Oxygenate Peace’ to explore a united sustainable future: OXYGENATE PEACE Oxygenate the earth with hope and peace. You no longer stand-alone, cherish life together in the meadow we created.

Unite For Peace by Kaori Hamura Long

Country: Japan
Link: kaorihamura.com/
Description by the artist:
We can all unite and change the world for the better together.

PEACE by Olga Szulc and Bolek Ryzinski

Country: Poland, USA
Link: olgaszulc.com/
Description by the artist:
It is always the hope that conflict can be followed by PEACE. That can only happen when the conflicting sides begin a DIALOGUE. COMPROMISE can only be achieved if both sides make concessions. When a settlement is agreed upon then SECURITY, WELL-BEING and HAPPINESS can follow. The five essentials for Peace can be counted on one hand.

Colin Foo (Hourglass)

Country: UK
Link: colinslab.com/
Description by the artist:
The poster shows two sides, who were once face to face in war. But who now stand together, in peace. The 2 faces coming together creates an hourglass signifying time. Peace has transformed the previously grave area (weapons of war) in between the two sides, into one full of hope, opportunity and growth (the tree of life). All these achieved with the help of UN mediation or through actions of third parties with the UN support.

Event participants


Rosemary A. DiCarlo

Teresa Whitfield

Giuditta Scordino

Sanaa Kareen

Martin Waehlisch

Benjamin Cutivet

Kristina Bonikowski

Laura Gees

MinJi Song


Sergiu Ardelean - Co-Founder of Artivive

Shared Studios Moderators:

Michelle Moghtader - Co-Founder and Creative Director of Talking Peace

Brandon Ferderer - Director of Global Community and Curator Development

Nicole Fleck - Global Partnerships and Program Design Manager

Community members:

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq (Afghanistan) - Founder of Ayat, the first modest clothing brand in Afghanistan, and Chadari, a storytelling platform that gives an opportunity for Afghan women to express their opinions and perspectives, talk about their achievements, and stories of bravery

Sher Shah Rahim (Afghanistan) - Speaker, mentor, and serial entrepreneur pioneering multiple million-dollar products such as ZMTCoin, the first cryptocurrency in Afghanistan

Illias Almai (Afghanistan) - Executive Director of Afghanistan’s New Generation Organization (ANGO), a grassroots NGO that mobilizes youth in civic engagement, as well as several other nonprofits that work on youth empowerment, conflict resolution, and journalists safety in Afghanistan

Diego Suarez (Bolivia) - Head of Experimentation of the Accelerator Laboratories of UNDP Bolivia and an architect, professor, and researcher

Franco Gamboa (Bolivia) - Shared_Studios Bolivia curator, educator, and policy maker with the Ministry of the Presidency, the mayor of La Paz, and Bolivia’s Constitutional Assembly

Ali Al Makhzony (Iraq) - Cultural entrepreneur, policy researcher, co-founder of Bil Weekend, the first tourism startup operation in Iraq, and a board member at The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Hope Azeda (Rwanda) - Founder, artistic director of Mashirika Creative and Performing Arts, a leading theatre company in Rwanda

Marc J. Gwamaka (Rwanda) - Co-founder of Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) “Youth for Change,” a dynamic peace-building youth organization and he is the initiator of ‘Walk to Remember’ a well-known international education programme that educates and mobilizes youth from around the world to fight genocide

Jean Paul Nsanzi (Rwanda) - Shared_Studios Rwanda curator, dialogue facilitator, and event producer

No items found.

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Talking peace events

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